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ABMJK is a unique style of day home. We will be accepting children ages 3-5 into a specialty program that has shown tremendous growth in some of Edmonton's top private academies. 

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Mission Statement

A Beautiful mind Junior Kindergarten is an educational establishment.  ABMJK prides itself on the foundation of Safety, Security and Education.  Children will be inspired to grow, learn, trust and adapt through planned learning and play.  ABMJK will create an atmosphere of equal culture and opportunity  regardless of sex, race, creed or religious beliefs.  ABMJK will maintain educational goals and licenses to ensure stimulation and development of all enrolled children.  Our programs and planning will focus on the individual needs and development of all children's social, emotional, intellectual and physical needs.  Developing specific goals and following through will breed planning focused on the developmental needs of your individual child. A Beautiful mind will be a center of entire family support, development of your child is an entire family endeavour, trust and respect must be mutual foundation between program and all persons involved. ABMJK will enable all children and parents to participate to their full potential, we will establish recognition that parents always have primary responsibility for the development and behavioral traits of their children, we will assist in every method to shape the mind and potential. We will work in partnership with colleagues and other service providers in the community to support the well-being of children and their families. 

A Beautiful Mind Junior Kindergarten, Creating Beautiful Minds.